Category: Poetry

Midnight Pondering

I remember the time I felt my knees tremble My chest felt tight, I tried to steady my breath I looked into his eyes Then his smile As desire rolled up my belly I took in a deep breath Trying to keep my composure, His smile widened Just feeling his eyes on me Another ball of desire Rolled down my belly To my knees … Read More Midnight Pondering

I matter

Some days I wonder Will anything I do ever really matter? Most days I tell myself I am just a speck In an infinite universe filled with constellations So I put myself down I belittle my accomplishments I stay quiet I walk with my head down I pretend like I’m not intelligent I sit and I smile and I try to look pretty When … Read More I matter


I have felt completely paralyzed by fear. I couldn’t move because I felt whatever may be outside my room could harm me. I laid still for a long time I couldn’t sleep I couldn’t turn off the lingering doubt that something outside my room wanted to hurt me. I listened to every sound every car that went by every voice of people walking by … Read More Fear

I used to feel alone

I used to think a friend was the one that knew me best that knew me for the longest time. I used to think a friend was someone I could tell all my secrets to. I used to think like a child. Now I’m grown and I see A friend would never deceive me for personal gain would never break my spirit for sport … Read More I used to feel alone


I faced my fears the night I walked alone headphones blaring my legs moving faster than my thoughts. I faced the uncertainty of success the potentiality of failure the pain of rejection the bitterness of alienation as I let the music lyrics envelop my anger, my doubts until all I could hear was the bass. Every now and then a memory would emerge or … Read More Headphones


I met someone that changed me he flipped my world right side up. I spent a long time wondering, was it his lips or his eyes or his chin or his hands or his ears that made me loose all common sense? It took a long time until I saw it wasn’t just the physical that drew me in I felt steadier, balanced, when he was … Read More Precipice