There is something mystical about walking
to meet the sea at dawn
a city that doesn’t sleep
seems to take a breather
right around when
night meets day.

The city is quiet
surrounded by water
waves thump
against a sea wall
neither angry nor calm
only consistent unwavering energy.

The trees are solemn
birds asleep
except that occasional outcast
still awake
peering out
wondering what is causing
the wind to change direction?

The mood of the night
to depart–
to give space
for something new.

Streets are desolate
except that exceptional runner
that other lonely walker
that bicyclist
that person taking a dog for a potty break
that encounter with a homeless person
searching your eyes
not out of fear, not to threaten, nor ask, nor take
there is nothing you’d willingly part with.
For a few seconds you posses
genuine human interaction
eye contact in which
you acknowledge one another
as only two humans can.

As quickly as the moment arose
it dissipates,
what continues on
is your body moving
to meet the coming day.

It’s complete serenity to see the day break
before your eyes
the sky getting lighter
each passing minute
as birds start their morning chirp
Sunlight pierces the horizon
the waves are gentle
as though
the rising sun
Brought with it peace.

Dawn is a moment
often sought by a restless soul
for the light
of a new day
Brings optimism and courage
as sunlight lays gentle kisses
on well weathered skin.

-Vanessa Hernandez

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