Since I left
I’ve wanted to comeback
To return home
To hear the accents of my community
To speak and listen to Miami-Latin drawl
To have a conversation with someone
That speaks beautifully—-
someone with an accent—
As words and phrases
Often defy syntactical norms
but never loose semantics.
To rely—at times-
on what is felt but isn’t said
To see a Latin American community
hustle to thrive
In a land where we all work
to build a sense of home
In Miami’s blistering heat
sweat stained clothes and faces turned sweet
fueled by an unrelenting desire
To live a life that’s earned.

To bask in pleasure
Of sunny days near water
nurtured by swaying palm trees
Days that end in utter surrender
to the lure of the night
It’s reassuring calm
Fusion cuisine and
authentic home cooked meals
It’s light filled entertainment
Music that sways, pulses,
and coaxes any wallflower.

Dawns that bring life’s only constant
—-Another day eager to sprout
Another opportunity
Another dream
Another chance to uncover
the intimacy of finding and being loved.

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