Some days I wonder
Will anything I do ever really matter?

Most days I tell myself
I am just a speck
In an infinite universe
filled with constellations
So I put myself down
I belittle my accomplishments
I stay quiet
I walk with my head down
I pretend like I’m not intelligent
I sit and I smile and I try to look pretty
When inside I’m wondering
If I was gone
Would anyone notice?

I hate those days.

I understand the earth revolves around
The center of mass in the solar system
And I am only one
Among billions of people
But I matter.
I am not better than others
for coming to this conclusion

I do however
Carry myself differently:

I make considerate decisions
I am proud of my achievements
I turn a deaf ear to rudeness
I show empathy to everyone
I try to stay calm
I focus less on looking pretty
And more on being healthy and presentable
Above all else
I speak.

These days I no longer wonder
If anything I do ever really mattered
Because I know
I matter.

-Vanessa Hernandez

poem audio recording

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