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There was a bird with feathers so delicate they looked like silk, in the night sky the feathers would glisten like they were kissed by stars. The bird would chirp and sing from an old tree branch it would stand on the very edge singing songs sometimes sweet sometimes filled with pain, songs so deep the bird’s chest would puff out with ruffled feathers … Read More Bird

+ "Eternal Springtime" by Auguste Rodin. modeled about 1884

I live to fall in love

I live to feel as I felt when I was with you. I live for butterflies to control my stomach, I live for my knees to go weak by a touch, for the days to grow long because time stands still when I’m with you. I live for the sound of a voice that makes it all okay, for the cold days when you … Read More I live to fall in love


Angry Died

I feel angry I feel so angry I want to scream I want to break I want to punch a wall until my knuckles bleed or the wall breaks. I feel angry when I loose control, when someone takes away my ability to protect myself my liberty when someone enters my space without my permission I feel like my body won’t be able to … Read More Angry Died



All I wanted was to runaway Go somewhere I would be safe Thinking of my apartment I saw all my possessions Wondered if I never came back what were the things I couldn’t live without? I stared at my belongings for hours Maybe for days Trying to understand what mattered Trying to evaluate What baggage was unnecessary I stared at my hands Wondering if … Read More Runaway


It Takes Courage

It takes courage to be true to oneself. It takes courage to recognize the potential for good in others and strength to turn away from those that wish to do others harm. It takes courage to know there is evil in the world and to protect oneself with light and faith. It takes courage to be kind to be humble to people that may … Read More It Takes Courage


I lost and found myself In my memories Some were too painful to relive The moments I shut myself down I erased those from my memory. I can’t wash away the past But I can decide what my future will be. I buried this thought deep in my subconscious So I could Keep my feelings in check Attempt to understand everything around me Without … Read More Memories

Twenty Nine

As a child I wondered Who the woman I would become Would be like? At eleven I learned How to carry myself in public, At thirteen I felt certain I already knew myself, By sixteen I felt wise, At eighteen I was freed, And at twenty one I realized Thirteen year old me Was really just a child Masquerading as a self actualized adult. … Read More Twenty Nine

Semblance of Extraordinary

I gave up on perfection Several years ago I never settled for average I simply chose to strive For an ideal Knowing if I was lucky I’d get close To something that Resembles perfect. I start along a path With no single definition of perfect Only a sentiment That average and mundane Could never define my existence. Perfect is a semblance of extraordinary As … Read More Semblance of Extraordinary

There Can Be Better

There are moments to fear, there are moments to be brave, there are moments to take cover, there are moments to make advances, there are moments to gasp in awe, there are moments to simply stand still. To live a fulfilling life it is not necessary to predict every possible outcome, it is necessary to act with a conscientious purpose so the future can … Read More There Can Be Better

Dealing with Loss

I never mastered how to grieve someone’s passing its always been difficult for me to show my emotions especially pain or sadness I want to be the person that can keep it together so others can draw strength from my resilience, I’m not always that person sometimes my strength waivers and I need those around me to rely on for moral support. When grieving … Read More Dealing with Loss

Human Nature

I wonder what defines human nature? I want to believe its our ability to communicate to live amongst one another to come together against all odds to achieve the remarkable to defy the laws of nature to investigate, to create, to make a life with another. I want to believe human nature is defined by beauty by compassion, by community. I want to believe … Read More Human Nature


For several years I did not shed a single tear I was stoic and strong I had a thick skin A shell around my heart I wore like an armor There was nothing anyone could say to me that would hurt my feelings There was nothing anyone could do that would break me. I faced the world face forward on my own two feet … Read More Sentient