Is it possible
To feel music
Beyond the notes played?
To feel the vibrations
As the notes change
Feeling tender pulses
That resonate in different parts
Of my mind.

Sometimes the notes
Are so beautiful
Their rhythm feels
Like a synaptic journey
Pushing deeper into my conscience
As I listen
The song leaves an impression
Registered in my thoughts
So that if I close my eyes
I feel like I’m traveling
With the notes
As they rise and fall
I’m along for a ride
Without a predetermined path
Wondering how the journey will end?

Is it possible
Music can synthesize
Something much greater than a song?
Is it possible
A carefully composed arrangement
Can heighten human consciousness?
Can put back together
A person’s internal peace?

It is possible
To feel music
To travel alongside the notes
To elevate oneself
With a majestic ensamble
That resonates with something much deeper
Than the material world.

-Vanessa Hernandez

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