Lost and Found

Lost and Found is an abstraction of a inner journey I have been on, the anxiety of feeling lost and the tranquility of finding my equilibrium through art and perseverance.

-Vanessa Hernandez

Lost and Found

The acrylic painting has a protective coating and is on a 10X8 inch canvas panel, it is signed and has a certificate of authenticity. The certificate of authenticity gives the buyer peace of mind the painting is an original. As the artist if I choose to create any copies/prints those will have a different serial number on the certificate of authenticity. The price includes domestic shipping, international shipping may require an additional cost. Refer to the “Art Order Form” for additional information.


To complete your order, please make sure you fill out the Art Order Form You may need to save the PDF to your desktop to fill out the form, if you have any difficulties reach out to me directly at Vanessa.Hernandez@claraodelua.com and I will send you the form via email.

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