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A feeling

I’ve held on to a feeling For so long It’s no longer a memory It’s a vestigial phantom The disappearance of this feeling Gnaws at the edges of my heart As if without this feeling My heart may quiver and shrink. I held on to the feeling of a man caring about me Without any recent tangible irrefutable proof I trusted the universe That … Read More A feeling

For a Split Second

I slightly turned, Looked up, For a split second I thought it was you At the end of the hall. For a split second My heart swelled, I could feel a smile Reach my eyes Before my lips could move, My body felt warm For a split second My fingers ached Restless for a possibility to touch you, My legs felt determined To bring … Read More For a Split Second



There is a tether from you to my heart: A line that pulls each time I feel you’re too far away, That vibrates with electricity Each time you’re near. -Vanessa Hernandez


The Poet

As what used to be And what will be Blend along blurred lines The resonance of each Appear to be what is. The present feels fragile Sheer and opaque As what is visible And what is perceived Are diametrically opposed. Along the subtext Parallel to semantics Adjacent to syntax Cowers the poet, Constantly chastised Eager to play among the dialect Stuck in neither time … Read More The Poet


I’ve let go so many times I’ve looked away Turned away Walked away Each time I let go I came back Like I could almost Hear his voice Sometimes gently Sometimes not so gently Guiding me back I’ve wondered about endless riddles Gone in tireless circles Until what was and what wasn’t Ceased to matter All I was left with was a feeling: He … Read More Untitled



Is it possible To feel music Beyond the notes played? To feel the vibrations As the notes change Feeling tender pulses That resonate in different parts Of my mind. Sometimes the notes Are so beautiful Their rhythm feels Like a synaptic journey Pushing deeper into my conscience As I listen The song leaves an impression Registered in my thoughts So that if I close … Read More Possible



Roots dig into the ground They extend and intertwine Like lovers locked in a secret embrace As their secrets spill Up from the ground A trunk emerges Its confidence secured By the branches that extend Out from the whole Some are frail Some are robust Most are as nimble as fingers With leaves adorning the edges. Some may look And see only a tree … Read More Tree

Human Nature

I wonder what defines human nature? I want to believe its our ability to communicate to live amongst one another to come together against all odds to achieve the remarkable to defy the laws of nature to investigate, to create, to make a life with another. I want to believe human nature is defined by beauty by compassion, by community. I want to believe … Read More Human Nature